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Review – The Good Doctor: Episode 3 ‘Oliver’ — October 13, 2017

Review – The Good Doctor: Episode 3 ‘Oliver’

The Good Doctor: Episode 3 ‘Oliver’

Drama continues as The Good Doctor’s third episode focuses attention on a case that doesn’t end as well as the previous ones have. Shaun and Claire spend time learning to communicate with each other (although to be fair, Claire does most of the learning), whilst Neil, Jared and Marcus try to hold things together at the hospital between egos and lying patients.

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Review: Autism Supporting Difficulties — February 27, 2017

Review: Autism Supporting Difficulties

Autism Supporting Difficulties: Handbook of ideas to reduce anxiety in everyday situations – Gaynor M Jackson


Sometimes people just need clear, straightforward advice on what they can try. This is the case for almost everyone. So it’s little surprise that it is regularly the case for parents of children with autism. Many autism books are long and get quite heavy going with diagnostic information and details.

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Review: An Exact Mind — February 23, 2017

Review: An Exact Mind

An Exact Mind – Peter Myers, Simon Baron-Cohen and Sally Wheelwright

An Exact Mind.pngI think I wrote this same thing when I reviewed Drawing Autism, but at the risk of repeating myself – I am largely disinterested in art. It’s not as if I have some ingrained hatred for it – but I just have little desire to go and actively look at any. I wouldn’t say that I would necessarily go and seek out the art that is in this book if it didn’t have anything to do with autism – but the style was interesting enough to me that I spent a little bit of time actually looking at the images.

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Review – Max:An Autistic Journey — February 21, 2017