Abandoning alphabetical order already?

As might be obvious from the Eating Handbook popping up at the top of blogs today, I decided to abandon reading from A-Z in my e-book library. The reason for this is that if I were to keep going in alphabetical order I was going to get a lot of the same topic books next to each other. (Just for the letter A, almost all the ABA books are going to be next to each other).

I realised that if I was reading solidly on one topic area for a prolonged period of time, I was going to get fed up of reading about that topic.

Additionally, as I added new books to my collection I was going to either have to leave them until the end and start from A again or…well actually that was the only way I could see proceding with that.

So as efficient and stabilising as I find alphabetical order to be, I have decided to abandon that approach.

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