Review: Everyday with Autism: An Activity Books for Children with Autism Spectrum Disorders – Shenon L. Mager

Everyday With Autism

Portrayed as an “Activity Book for Children with Autism”, I’m not actually sure what this is meant to be…

Overview and Main Review

I read this book through Kindle Unlimited so did not pay for it as such (RRP of book is £4.44). I almost feel like the time I spent downloading this book to read was too much of a cost for the content of this book. The Amazon page says this book is 17 pages long, but when viewed on a tablet actually shows up as 5 due to the formatting.

This is not an activity book for children with autism. This is a kind of fill-in-the-blanks social story. This explains why it was reduced from 17 pages to 5 on my tablet – the original book has blank spaces for pictures to be drawn/added and my tablet just formatted those away.

I’m not really sure what the purpose of the book is – my best guess is either as a means of introducing someone to their autism, or as an information pack of sorts to be given to relevant people who will be working with the person.

Some people with ASD have trouble learning the way that teacher’s teach in a standard classroom.

I have a hard time learning _____________, ________________, and _____________.

The problem is the way in which it is written is not particularly suitable to either group of people. The language used isn’t always very efficient or meaningful:

I try very hard not to (get upset), because I know it makes things hard for my family, but I just cannot help it. My brain and my heart see no other way to let people know how upset I am.

On top of that, considering it is such a short piece of writing, there are a number of spelling mistakes and grammatical errors. I guess I can see what the author was going for, but if you are interested in implementing this sort of activity you’d be a lot better off reading up on Social Stories and learning how to write one yourself.


Final Shelving


I don’t really understand the purpose of this book, and it’s not well written or well edited. Bottom Shelf for me.

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