Review: Aspergers Answers Revealed

Aspergers Answers Revealed – Susan Bull

Aspergers Answers Revealed

To call this an e-book would be stretching the truth a little. It is more like an e-pamphlet, an electronic version of the sort you might see sitting in a GP waiting room. Excluding the front page, disclaimer, author details, and links page – this publication comes in at 13 pages in length. So you’ve probably already made up your mind about exactly how much this is going to teach you about Aspergers.

The book contains the answers to 11 questions that parents might have about Aspergers Syndrome, including:

  • For a parent who suspects their child may have Aspergers Syndrome, what are the common symptoms to look out for?
  • My 6 year old boy becomes very angry a lot of the time, what can I do to help him deal with his frustration better?
  • I’m worried about how my child will cope as he reaches his adolescence. What advice can you give?

These questions are then answered in one to one and a half pages of text. Obviously this is not going to be a comprehensive text on Aspergers. It touches on the diagnostic criteria and how this can manifest and the impact it may have upon a child, there is some discussion on teaching methods and ways of communicating that are more helpful for Aspergers, and brief answers for common topics such as medication and bullying. It is all information you would get from any book on Aspergers in the first chapter or two, just reduced down.

The last page then provides four links which I checked out:

  • Parenting Aspergers Resource Guide – which is a site based on getting you to buy another book by the author and publisher.
  • AspiesForFreedom – which is a chat room for autistic people.
  • theGrayCenter – where the domain name has expired and not been renewed
  • SibNet – which I have linked before which is a resource for siblings

And that is essentially the entire content of this e-pamphlet. The only place I could find it to buy online was through iTunes fo $0.99 and honestly, there’s a part of me that thinks that is still too expensive for how little this book offers.

Is it worth reading?

No, not really. It’s less than a dollar (which is around 65p in the UK) but the problem is it just doesn’t give you the depth of information that you need and you’re only going to have to re-read everything this book tells you in another, more in depth book. I think this book was honestly just a marketing ploy to try and sell their “Parenting Aspergers Resource Guide”.

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