Changes to the blog

Just some minor housekeeping really, but there will be a few changes to Books on Autism over the next few days.

  • The full review list page will be removed – I know it makes for an easier search list but as I review more and more books, the page gets less manageable and it is sometimes difficult to decide where to categorise the books. So it will be going.
    • Not as a replacement to this, but because this occured to me at the same time as thinking of removing this page and it’s somewhat relevant, I will be posting the occasional “5 books for…” posts. Kind of like the 100 posts post. So “Five books for autistic adults”, “Five books for designing sensory activities” and such like.
  • The new Approaches to Autism series will be starting soon.
  • I did generally aim to post certain posts on certain days but the reality of full time work and part time studying has made my schedule somewhat unreliable – so I will just be posting regularly with no set pattern.
  • I am going to start considering price for my reviews – not in any big way, but just in a single sentence under ‘Is it worth reading?’ where I consider whether it is value for money. I probably will not go back and alter already posted reviews, although this might change.
  • I will be adding to the ‘What is…?’ page. Again this is not a big page, because most people who find my site will already know about the terms they are searching for.
  • A documentary/film category will be added to aid in multimedia searching.

That is all I can think of for now. As I said, just some housekeeping to clean up the blog a bit.

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