Review – Why does Davey do that?

Why does Davey do that? – Jennifer Lang Boehl

Why does Davey do that

A rhyming book aimed at non-autistic children to explain some of the behaviours of an autistic child that may confuse other children.

Off the bat, I think the author of this book went online and took random stock images of children to use as illustrations in this book, because there is no Davey in this book, just photos of different blonde children.

Anyway, this book brings up a few behaviours that might be seen in an autistic child with the question of “why does Davey… and then, it doesn’t actually answer those questions, which makes asking them a bit redundant in the first place really.

It does then go onto the second half of the book which is about accepting Davey as he is and celebrating the things he does, highlighting Davey’s strengths and positive qualities. This is obviously a good, strong message and one that does need to be repeated because awareness alone is not enough and once we have awareness we need to advocate for more.

I’m not so sure about the closing lines where it says “Davey’s not different, he’s normal and true”, because…well…autism is different. Different doesn’t mean bad, and rather than trying to pretend that autistic people aren’t different we should be pushing the idea that different doesn’t have negative connotations and it’s just fine to be different.

Is it worth reading?

As an introduction to autism for young children it could be, but that does depend on some factors in value for money because it’s not a particularly long book. It does have a positive message.

Value for money?

Currently (April 2016) in Kindle Unlimited – so if you have that it’s free. To buy in ebook format it’s £3.59 which might be a bit pricey for the content. To buy in printed format it’s around £6 which, again is perhaps a bit much considering the content. If you think a couple of children or more might get use out of the book then it might be worth it for you..

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