5 autism books for primary school classrooms

5 autism books for primary school classrooms


As autism becomes better understood, and as more autistic children are moving into the mainstream education system, teachers may be interested in adding books to their classroom boxes that are about autism.

As somewhere to start, here are five books that you might consider adding to your classroom reading boxes:

  1. Autistic Planet – A rhyming story book about a planet where things are geared towards the autistic mind as opposed to the neurotypical mind.
  2. Ian’s Walk – A story about a girl coming to accept the differences in her autistic younger brother, Ian, when they go out for a walk to the park.
  3. Tomas Loves… – Another rhyming story book about autistic boy Tomas and his best friend, service dog Flynn.
  4. Since We’re Friends – A story about the friendship between two young boys, one of whom is autistic. It tells the reader about the different things they boys like, and how the non-autistic boy helps adjust and accommodates things for his friends.
  5. Inside Asperger’s Looking Out – A clear and accessible book, illustrated with photos of animals, that explains different aspects of autism/aspergers syndrome.

What books about autism or with autistic characters do you have in your schools?


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