Review: Amazing Eddie

Amazing Eddie: No Ordinary Boy


I’m not quite sure what to make of this short book – or who it’s meant to be for. That means this review will probably be quite short! I think this is a fictional story about a boy with autism and his brother with ADHD.

The tag-line on Amazon reads: “Survive Eddie will, though—and thrive. Follow Eddie’s journey as he fights to have his needs met using the only tools he has. ” Except there’s very little of this in the writing. It’s hard to judge whether this book was written in such a haphazard way because it’s poorly written or if it’s meant to reflect how an eight year old might write.

I suppose it doesn’t matter because either way it makes it quite difficult to read. Within the few short pages that make up this book it jumps from discussing how annoying brother Freddie is, to a difficult day at school, to a visit to the doctor, then some discussion about after events following on from that visit, then a letter written to Eddie’s teacher. It’s all over the place. There’s mention of autism and ADHD traits – the standard stereotypical ones that everyone pretty much knows – but they’re delivered really awkwardly and it doesn’t flow well as a story.

The limited dialogue isn’t particularly good either:

“Remember to tell the doctor about how every evening and during my precious weekend you have me working on Eddie’s inability to sit in chaos or mess so I have to make shelves for his models or take him to exhibitions for his mini-beasts.”

I can’t figure out exactly what’s wrong about it – it’s just not a natural sounding way to speak if you read it out loud. The father (who’s speaking in the quote above) is generally portrayed as an unpleasant man in every scene he’s in – most of his dialogue is fairly scathing of Eddie or Freddie.

The book ends abruptly after Eddie is diagnosed with autism and then that’s it. This book has 3 good reviews on Amazon and this confuses me a little because it’s not that good. Maybe I missed something?

Worth reading?

No – give it a miss. It’s not a fluid read and you won’t learn much – it’s not a particularly engaging short story either.

Value for money?

It’s free on Kindle but honestly, I still wouldn’t recommend reading it.

One comment

  1. If this book has a couple good reviews on Amazon, chances are the author got her family and friends to rate it to help her out. Anyway it looks like a travesty, and I think a lot of 8-year-olds could probably write better dialogue than that. 😛


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