Review – Please oh Please be Patient with me

Please oh Please be Patient with Me – Candice Cox and Donald Hill

Aplease-oh-please-be-patient-with-me rhyming story book about Xavier, a boy with ADHD, and how he is learning to keep himself regulated throughout the day. It’s an easily accessible book about someone trying their best and asking for patience from those around them.

Which makes it a little bit odd in some ways in terms of audience – because the text seems to be aimed at adults with Xavier asking them to be patient with him and explaining his self-regulation technique, but the actual book as a whole seems aimed at children between 6 and 10 years of age.

It’s a nice book, and the illustrations are great – especially with the way the font is written as handwriting. It goes over the sorts of things that a child with ADHD might get into trouble for and explains in a child friendly way that Xavier doesn’t mean to upset people and that his brain is just different to most other children.

The message of the book is especially good because the central idea of Xavier working on his self-regulation technique of: ‘Pause and Think, Inhale and Exhale, Now Speak’ are techniques that can be taught to all young children and should be followed by adults as well when working with students with special educational needs. This idea of stopping, taking a deep breath and thinking before you speak or act is central to all the de-escalation training for working with challenging behaviour and is something that too many people forget to do.

Worth reading?

For primary school settings absolutely – it’s a nice book even if there aren’t any students with ADHD in the school because the central message can be applied to almost anyone.

Value for money?

You can get it on Kindle Unlimited – so it’s free if you’re a subscriber. The ebook and print versions are a bit pricey though for what is a short book. It’s another book that has better value in a school setting where it will reach multiple children.

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