November’s Round-up

November has been quite a busy month, although not necessarily living up to the blog’s name as it has somewhat been dominated by reviews of TV shows as the second season of The A Word started and the first season of The Good Doctor was aired.

Still, I did get back on track with reading and there are some reviews scheduled and ready to go as we get into December (and I can finally open my advent calendar).

Books on Autism Reviews

The_Good_Doctor_2017So Doctor Shaun Murphy continues his residency and the show starts to kick up a notch – even if it does remain a big over dramatic and very Hollywood.

The Good Doctor: Episode 6 “Not Fake”
The Good Doctor: Episode 7 “22 Steps”
The Good Doctor: Episode 8 “Apple”


Joe, his family, and his music return and TheAWordwhilst there’s as much mess and chaos as there ever was, Allison has chilled out a lot. It’s human, they make mistakes, and the soundtrack is awesome.

The A Word: Season 2, Episode 1
The A Word: Season 2, Episode 2
The A Word: Season 2, Episode 3

M in the MiddleM in the Middle by The Students from Limpsfield Grange and Vikki Martin – A novel about a teenage girl struggling with her new diagnosis of autism in a school that isn’t prepared to accommodate her differences.
The First Word by Isley Robson – A romance novel involving the (possibly autistic) father of an autistic child and said child’s occupational therapist; starts out wobbly but surprised me even if it wasn’t quite my “thing”.
I’m Not Naughty- I’m Autistic by Jean Shaw – A parent biography of an autistic child that hit too many of the uncomfortable cliches that left me feeling not particularly fond of it.

And over on Life on Autism

Dissecting the cost of a tool that would help a lot of autistic people if it were more financially accessible

Musing about the double-standards in contrasting complaints about non-autistic references to the ‘magical world theory’ while repeatedly celebrating autistic references to ‘god-like’ ‘superpowers’.

The A Word and The Good Doctor are continuing into December, joined by reviews of Employable Me. There’s a stack of books that I’m planning to read as work winds down for Christmas so there should also be more reviews popping up next month.

Until next time.

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