2017’s Top 8 books I was looking forward to

So – did they come out? Did I buy them? Did I read them…uh…

I think, in my naive optimism, I neglected to consider just how much my studying and work would impact upon my reading time. Therefore, like my “To Read in 2017” list, this list is largely incomplete.

So which ones did I actually buy?

Bittersweet on the Autism Spectrum – I both bought this book and started reading it, I just didn’t finish reading it in time for a 2017 review.

How to start, carry on and end conversations: Scripts for Social Situations for People on the Autism Spectrum – Bought but haven’t started reading it yet.

The Essential Guide to Safe Travel Training for Children with Autism and Intellectual Disabilities – I bought this, started reading it and got a bit sidetracked halfway through.


Why didn’t I end up buying the other books then? Well, in reality some of it was because I got distracted by other books and some were more than I was ready to pay for a book at that particular time given the indicated length of the book. While I am in a somewhat more stable financial situation, I still balk a bit at spending £30+ on a book that ends up only having 100 pages, particularly when I don’t know the author at all.

So that was a mostly failure! Maybe some will crop up in future reviews, just have to wait and see

Until next time.



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