December 2017 Round-Up

Monthly Round-up


HazeWishing on a Midnight Star by Nancy Ogaz – A story about the uneasy sibling relationship between two brothers – one autistic and one not.
Haze by Kathy Hoopman – A novel about a teenage boy with undiagnosed Aspergers which attempts to cover some quite heavy topics including domestic violence and bullying.
Understanding Autism on the Field by Kathy Stanton – A very short book about autism and sports,



Television and Film

The_Good_Doctor_2017The Good Doctor wound down for it’s Winter Finale (not the same as season finale which always confused me when I was younger) and typing this reminds me I still have the Winter Finale review to upload…

The Good Doctor: Episode 9 “Intangibles”

Joe’s chaotic family continue to get themselves into various kinds of drama and this series continues to stand out as far better than the first in every possible way – although still not perfect by any means.TheAWord

The A Word: Season 2, Episode 4
The A Word: Season 2, Episode 5
The A Word: Season 2, Episode 6


Employable Me returned for a second series and we met eight new job hunters and I (and many other people on social media) got quite annoyed at the way the working world treated all of them…the final review (Alan and Erica) will be uploaded in January

“Andy and Ryan”
“Nicola and Marve”
“Kerie and Daniel”

Exposure: Who Cares? Children’s Homes UndercoverExposure uncovered poor practice in some of the children’s homes run by Cambien and Keys.




An opportunity for people who are both autistic and part of the LGBT community to contribute to an upcoming book by Luke Beardon, Dean Worton and Kleio Cossburn.

Special Post: Christmas 2017 at Books on Autism – I look at some of the statistics from the blog and remember about those other books I meant to read over this past year…

Special Post: Top 8 Books I was looking forward to – And whether I got around to reading any of them…

My Books Pre-ordered for 2018.

Life on Autism

And over on my non-review blog, Life on Autism

A tweet leads to me doing some exploration of Google images representation of the search “Disabled Person”.

A poem (“I went to a group today….”)about visiting an autistic group.


Quite a busy month all in all.

Until next time.


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