Books pre-ordered for 2019

Much to my partner’s growing despair, I continue to accrued books.

On the positive side (for her) these are increasingly coming in the format of ebooks so that our house does not collapse from the weight of books.

So what have I pre-ordered so my future self is happy with past self?

  1. Gender Identity, Sexuality and Autism: Voices from Across the SpectrumPreordered because…this is an area where there just aren’t that many books available and I’m always keen to expand my library on the topic.
  2. Girls and Autism: Educational, Family and Personal PerspectivesA few years ago, this topic, like the above, was missing much in the way of literature but that has changed quite a bit in recent years and there’s quite a lot of books out there now but it never hurts to read more.
  3. The Autism-Friendly Guide to PeriodsPre-ordered partially in support of the author, Robyn Steward, and partially because – again – it is a topic that is very lacking.
  4. Autism, Ethnicity and Culture: Working with Children and Families from Minority Communities –  Just massively interested in this topic and this is something of an impulse purchase.
  5. Autism and Social Work – I heard Yo Dunn talk at the Learning Disability Today conference a year and a half ago and immediately searched to see if she had written any books. When I saw she had this one coming in 2019, I preordered it that day.

So that’s my pre-orders for 2019 and maybe (just maybe) I might get around to finishing my pre-orders from 2018 in time to then read all of these.


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