Special Post: Christmas 2018 at Books on Autism

2018 was not a particularly active year for Books on Autism – partially because real-life and mental health difficulties got in the way. Still, it’s worth having a look back over the year, if only because I love data.


In 2018 there were a total of 7,789 views across 5,506 viewers (with one reader from Canada reading about 50 posts in one day right near the end of 2018!).

With more statistics to look at, the top five countries in terms of views were:

  1. United States (4,394)
  2. United Kingdom (1,463)
  3. Australia (537)
  4. Canada (302)
  5. India (95)

and in total people from 91 different countries visited the blog.


Best book read in 2018

There weren’t many books read in 2018 and yet somehow, I struggled to choose a favourite of the few which were read and reviewed. After much consideration I eventually decided to name my two favourite books read this year:

The Goldfish Boy by Lisa Thompson


The Dog Thief by Marta Acosta


Did I get around to reading those books from 2017’s lists?

Short answer. No. As I mentioned above, 2018 has been an extraordinarily difficult year for me with real life issues and ongoing difficulties related both to my autism and to mental health difficulties. I read and reviewed 11 books this year and none of them featured on any of the lists from 2016 and 2017.

So rather than start feeling like I’ve failed for yet another year, I’ll just leave this section for now and hopefully will manage to get through at least some of the growing pile of books next year.

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