January 2019 Round-up

the essential guide to safe travel-training

The Essential Guide to Safe Travel Training for Children with Autism and Intellectual Disabilities by Dr Desirée Gallimore – An introduction to how to teach people (not just children, despite the title) with disabilities the skills to safely travel indepedently.


Going Underground by Michael Leese – The first in a crime series following autistic detective, Jonathan Roper as he works to solve a case involving the SAS, unethical research and medical advancements.

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Special Post – Christmas 2018 at Books on Autism – A look back on how 2018 went, even with the limited posts on the blog.

Books pre-ordered for 2019 – My yearly pre-order spree so that future me could be happy with past me.

Books released in January 2019 – a first in a new series looking at books released in the previous month.

A grey canvas style banner with the text 'Life on Autism'

And over on my non-review blog, Life on Autism

Following on from last year’s exploration of the images that showed up on Google images from a search for ‘disabled people’, I looked at what happened when I Googled “autistic person”.

‘Out of Stock’ was a blog piece on how my structure and routine nearly led to problems when a vital part of my routine became out of stock.

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