Review: What We Love Most About Life – Chris Bonnello

What We Love About Life.pngChris Bonnello from Autistic Not Weird, reached out to the community that followed his blog and got answers from 150 autistic children and teenagers on what they loved most about life and put it in a book.

I first came across this book when I was struggling a lot with both the challenges of my autism and poor mental health, and during that time (which lasted many months) I read pages from this book regularly. In many ways, this is a strange book to review though, because there’s no plot to discuss and there’s no information to debate. Which is perhaps what makes it so good.

It is just a happy book that will put a smile on many people’s faces.

While many of the children and young people in the book are able to express themselves by speech or writing, Bonnello made sure that young people who weren’t yet able to communicate in these ways were represented by having their parents write about what their children loved about life. Some children expressed themselves over a number of sentences, articulating the details of what they loved while others only needed one or two words.

Each page has the quote and a photo of the young person along with a tiny bit of information about them, all put together in a bright, bold and colourful book that makes me smile each time I read it.

Without much more to say, I’m just going to leave you with my two favourite quotes from the book


“Why do you like them?”

“I don’t like them, I love them”

– Michael


“I love lemons because I like how sour they are. They taste like elephants”

– James


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