Celebrating #AutisticAuthors throughout April


A week ago, I posted the below Tweet and the response was incredible.


A Tweet by Books on Autism which says: #AskingAutistics During April I would like to post daily about #autistic authors. If you are autistic, have written a book (published or soon to be) and wouldn't mind me Tweeting about it's existence, could you respond to this Tweet with a link to your book please?

Throughout April I will be Tweeting and blogging about Autistic Authors – whether they write fiction or non-fiction and whether their books have anything or nothing to do with autism. The excel sheet I have set up is currently at over 250 individual books or series and I am under no illusions that this will be a chaotic month.

So with that in mind, a few things I want to post here before the tweeting starts tomorrow:

  1. I will be posting about all of this under the hastag #AutisticAuthors
  2. If I have mispelt your name and/or book title, please let me know. I have been typing a lot and very quickly since March 24th and may have made typos, even with my own proof-reading before posting.
  3. If your writing/book is featured and you feel my description isn’t quite right, let me know and I will make alterations.
  4. Hugely important: I have not read all the books sent to me following the above tweet and I don’t know all that much about many of the authors. Please check out what others have to say about any of the books before you decide to buy/read them as I won’t be able to give any kind of guidance on specific details.
  5. Please feel free to reply to Tweets and let others know what you thought of the books and generally have fun with celebrating the many, many autistic authors who will be appearing this month.
  6. Please retweet and help boost autistic authors.

Thank you and see you tomorrow on the hashtag.

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