March 2019 Round-up

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I Have No Secrets by Penny Joelson – Jemma, a teenager with Cerebral Palsy, learns something important about a murder nearby but no-one has found a way to support her to communicate yet…

St. Nachos by Z. A Maxfield – While trying to outrun a trauma in his past, Cooper finds somewhere he might settle down and someone he might want to settle down for. Life doesn’t always go as planned though.

Asperger’s Syndrome in 13-16 Year-Olds by Alis Row – This visual guide helps teenagers and the adults around them understand some of the difficulties and differences adolescence brings when you’re autistic.

The cover of St. Nacho's is a stereotypical American desert highway (a long stretch of straight highway with hills visible in the distance) beside a body of water. A man wearing sunglasses and a black leather jacket, blue jeans and brown boots is centred on the cover riding a motorbike. The entire cover is tinted with a sepia style (dusty orange tint that is often used to make images appear older or old-fashioned). TGWTCH13-16 I Have No Secrets

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Changes and Moves – Details some of the changes to Books on Autism and Life on Autism. Mostly where different types of blog posts are slowly being moved to.

Celebrating #AutisticAuthors throughout April – A blog post explaining the plan to celebrate hundreds of books by #AutisticAuthors throughout April via my Twitter account.

Books released in March 2019 – I start counting the number of notebooks and porn that crops up when you search for “autism” in Amazon books. In between that, I write a bit about books that have come out based on their summaries.

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Adaptation and Injury – My difficulty coming to terms with a 15-year-old injury that is now starting to cause problems in my day-to-day life.

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