May 2019 Round-up

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The Place Inside the Storm – Bradley W. Wright. – A young adult adventure set in a near dystopian future where neurodiverse minds are no longer accepted.

Neurodiverse Relationships – Joanna Pike and Tony Attwood. A book exploring the relationships of pairings consisting of autistic men and neurotypical women.

Testing Pandora – Kaia Sønderby. Xandri Corelel spent her life struggling and fighting just to survive on the streets of Wraith, feeling like she didn’t belong anywhere until she met Captain Chui. The prequel to ‘Failure to Communicate’ gives readers the origin of Xandri’s life on the starship Carpathia.

Murder at the Museum – Spring Horton. Atticus McLaren is happy with his life and the way everything is going, but nothing lasts forever, and soon Atticus is juggling a mystery unfolding at the museum, a very chatty photographer, and solving family disharmony that has gone on just a bit too long.

A wooden style bookshelf image with four books on it - The Place Inside the Storm, Neurodiverse Relationships, Testing Pandora and Murder at the Museum


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Hey! Books on Autism! Where has x,y,z post gone? – Another post detailing the ongoing changes between Books on Autism and Life on Autism.


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“Unlike you, my autism is inside…” – Where I discuss one of the more bewildering ways I have been described…


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