Autistic Authors’ Books in June 2019


The much awaited The Outside by Ada Hoffman released in June, a sci-fi novel with autistic and LGBT+ representation which follows scientist Yasira Shien and the events following the catastrophic explosion on The Pride of Jai.

Aaron Paul Orsini wrote about his experiences of taking LSD and the impact it had on his perception of the world in Autism on Acid.

I missed it right at the end of last month so adding it in here, Greta Thunberg’s, No-one is too Small to Make a Difference about her ongoing work in climate change activism.

M.E. Purfield released book one of Cities that Eat Islands, a noir urban fantasy with neuro-atypical twin protagonists.

And finally, Spring Horton and her team released the first film of the Atticus McLaren series: Murder at the Museum on Amazon and Vimeo, bringing the characters from the series to life with incredible results.


Other stuff of interest or confusion…

Out of 325 books under the search term ‘Autism’ the amount which were actually Notebooks : 177 (54.4%)

There is also a new phenomena this month under the search terms ‘Autism’ and ‘Autistic’ where self-published ebooks with utterly bizarre titles have appeared! Take, for example:

‘To character each mayaro of any no tasting easily she flores sola no volviodano’

‘No again upon extremity was the was surprised god spoke casita campo volviendoalimentarlosparecia’

I didn’t count how many there were this month, if they’re still there for July’s round-up I may do.


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