June 2019 Round-up

June was a very quiet month for me on Books on Autism and this was – in part – due to significant difficulties in my day-job that have had an impact on my health.

I think July may be another month I struggle with posting before hopefully things calm down in August and I can catch up with posting reviews of books I read months ago (there are still reviews for books I read in April partially written).


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While I did Live Tweet some other books during June, this was the only review I got properly written up.

Autism and Asperger Syndrome in Children by Luke Beardon – An introduction to autism for parents which aims to offer something different to the deficit-laden introduction that too many parents are left with post-diagnosis.




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Rating System Added – I decided on a new and shiney rating system for the blog. Hop on over and find out which books are slowly being classified where.


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I didn’t add anything to Life on Autism this month.


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