ARCS, Reviews or General Contact Me

Text Books on Autism

You are welcome to send me a message for a variety of reasons!


  • Advanced Readers Copy (ARCs) – I will read and review ARCs as long as they are about or have representation of autism or other disabilities.
  • General Reviews – Maybe your book is already out and you would like me to review it. Quite happy to (thought my TBR pile is forever growing). Books about autism or other disabilities will have reviews posted to my blog, to Goodreads and to Amazon. I will read and review books from Autistic Authors which are not about autism, but the reviews will go on Goodreads and Amazon rather than this blog.

I would recommend that if you are thinking of asking me to review a book you have written that you have a quick look through other reviews I have done.

I do Live Tweet books as I read them as well, especially ARCs.


Book related

  • Can you find me a sensitivity reader? – Well, I might be able to. No guarantees but I can reach out to people within the autistic community to see who is available to take on work.  NB: I will not ask people to sensitivity read for free.
  • Can you find me an illustrator/designer/editor etc? – Again, maybe but no guarantees. Same deal as above.


General Messaging

If you just want to send me a pleasant message, go for it! I don’t always know what to respond with but have fun writing and sending it anyway.