February 2019 Round-up

What We Love About LifeWhat We Love Most About Life by Chris Bonnello – A book filled with quotes from autistic children all around the world, talking about what they love most about life.

Austerity’s Victims: Adults with a Learning Disability Austery's Victimsby Neil Carpenter- Carpenter examines the devastating impact austerity has had on the lives of men with learning disabilities living in Cornwall.

The front cover of the book has a boy with black hair wearing a red t-shirt and black trousers against a turquoise background. He is holding a skunk kit (baby) in his hands and their noses are pressed together.

A Boy Called Bat by Elana K.  Arnold – An autistic boy grows attached to a skunk kit that his mum rescues and takes on looking after it.

A grey canvas style banner with the text 'Non-review'

Books released in February 2019 – a look at the books on autism and other disabilities released this month.

A grey canvas style banner with the text 'Life on Autism'

And over on my non-review blog, Life on Autism

I think about the impact controversy and knowledge of the author of media has on the enjoyment of that media.


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